Community Fitness Center Expectations:

  • Proper excercise attire is REQUIRED. The following rules must be followed:
    • No open-toed or open-back shoes (including all sandals, crocs, and slippers).
    • Proper shoes MUST be worn at all times.
    • The following shirts/tops are not acceptable as an only layer:
      • Ripped or torn shirts that expose sides and abdomen
      • Sports Bra
      • Any shirt or top that exposes the stomach/abdomen i.e. crop-tops, ripped/cut t-shirts
      • Headphones are required if individuals want to listen to music, no bluetooth speakers, phone speakers, etc.


Court Set-Up

  • Two full-length basketball courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Pickleball Courts


Located just off the lobby on the mezzanine, our Concession Area offers a good cup of coffee and a cozy atmosphere. The Point’s Concession Area features several spaces with free wifi where individuals can meet with others, work, or just enjoy the coffee. The concession area is only open during church and community events. Please see calendar for event days and times.